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As pet caretakers and lovers ourselves, we all know that our beloved companions will naturally grow old or perhaps get ill or injured. While we saw the growing move toward finding solutions and helping our pets live happy, healthy lives in spite of illness or disability, we also understood that it can sometimes be an expensive road to travel.

We started Dog Wheelchairs Center with the idea of finding the best products to help our pets that are also within reach of ordinary people like us who take care of them. We wanted to find the most accessible dog wheelchairs and get them to the dogs and their families as soon as possible.

We found such a product in Best Friend Mobility. For the last several years, we have been exclusively selling the brand because we believe that it combines the best features in a dog wheelchair at a wonderfully reasonable price point. It tallies very well with the mission of Dog Wheelchairs Center: to get more pets outfitted with the wheelchairs they need by making it more affordable.

After finding the right product to partner with in our mission, our goal continues in the same vein but with an added mandate, which is: to assist our customers and make this often difficult transition easier and to continue looking for products to support the care of sick or disabled pets.