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Dog Wheelchairs - Why Choose Best Friend Mobility?

Dog Wheelchairs


Best Friend Mobility offers world class dog wheelchairs. Learn why our doggie wheelchairs for dogs are the best quality and most affordable on the market today. With our Dog Wheelchairs, your best friend can run and play again, he or she can live a full, rich, happy life of play and exercise with one of our dog wheel chairs. If you are caring for a best friend that has mobility issues and needs a dog wheelchair for any reason, We can provide you with pet mobility solutions that fits your pet and your budget. Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs offer you and your dog the following benefits:

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Universal, but Customizable dog wheelchairs designs:
Best Friend Mobility believes
that each dog is unique. Our patented dog wheelchair designed by a veterinary orthopaedic surgeon comes in 5 sizes according to weight classification. Our dog wheelchairs are designed to fit 99% of dogs within each weight class. Our dogs wheelchairs are fully adjustable in length, height, and width so each cart is customized to each pet during the initial fitting process.

Simply select from our dog wheelchairs product list, the size that fits the weight class of your dog, and the cart will be customizable exactly to your pets needs. Best Friend Mobility has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every doggie wheelchair that we sell. If your dog wheelchair does not fit properly for any reason, or if you would need to return the dog wheelchair for any reason, we will provide a 100% no questions asked refund or exchange for another size wheelchair.

Even with impaired mobility, each dog still has distinct needs. Our dog wheelchairs are handcrafted with love, care, and we take pride in our work. Our dog wheelchairs are designed to account for any type of mobility impairment, size, breed, and special needs of certain dogs. Best friend mobility has also made executing bodily functions easier while in the dog wheelchair with a specially designed harness. If you need specific modifications for dog wheelchairs like extension wheels or larger/smaller frames, don’t hesitate to inform us. We’ll be happy to accommodate your requests.

Medically sound dog wheelchairs by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon:
Our dog wheelchairs are designed with all of the needs of mobility-impaired and disabled dogs in mind. Dogs with conditions of :

  • Neurological impairment
  • Complete or partial rear paralysis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Surgical recovery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Arthritis
  • Fractured spine
  • Lumbar or thoracic disc injury
  • Any other condition that results in rear leg pain and or weakness
  • Pet must have normal front leg strength to use the SitGo and Rear models

And many more conditions require dog wheelchairs that not only look good but are actually good for them. Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs were designed with this in mind by Dr. Olivier Augustine, a veterinary spinal orthopaedic surgeon, and the founder of Best Friend Mobility. With his expertise on mobility impairment and canine muscle, neurological, and bone problems, our dog wheelchairs are developed to help your dog regain mobility and to speed up its recovery. With our world class dog wheelchairs, you can be sure that your dog gets the best comfort and innovation available.

14-Day Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee on every purchase:

Each of our dog wheelchairs are made and designed with attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Our dog wheelchairs are customized and customizable for the specific needs of almost every dog. They are also delivered on time so your pet can regain his or her mobility, or start his or her rehabilitation right away. But if for some reason you are unsatisfied with our product, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee excluding shipping costs on every purchase. Let your pet try on the wheelchair and if you are still unsatisfied, we give you your money back with no questions asked. Please be aware that it takes most pets 1-2 weeks to grow fully comfortable with their new wheelchair.

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Can take up to 2-weeks for dog to become comfortable and mobile in his or her new wheelchair

For dog wheelchairs user manuals, click here.



This is Axl a.k.a. "Budsy." He is an 11 1/2-year-old brindle boxer. We got him as a 3-month-old puppy when we bought our first home. My husband and I don't have any kids, so our 2 boxers are our children and they are very spoiled! Axl and his best friend Ruby are such fun, loving, and well-behaved dogs. Over the years they both have had multiple surgeries to remove cancerous lumps. Unfortunately, the breed is susceptible to a handful of health issues. Right after Axl turned 10, one of the lumps grew back on his front right leg. After removal, the biopsy came back and showed that it was an aggressive cancer and that, even after multiple tests, they could not determine what type of cancer it was. We started him on a low dosage chemo pill to try and fight it. The vet stated he had approx 6-9 months to live. Two months after we started him on the chemo, we discovered blood in his urine. After successfully treating that condition, he started showing signs of degenerative myelopathy. At first his back legs would get tripped up and now it's progressed so much that his back legs do not work at all. Despite his numerous ailments, Axl is still a happy dog and hanging in there! He continues to go to his vet every 3 months for checkups and is healthy enough to continue his medication. Eating is still his favorite thing to do next to being in his back yard. We bought him the wheelchair cart to try and help give him mobility so he can continue exploring his back yard. Although he cannot try to catch any rabbits or groundhogs anymore, he can still get around and have some fun!

- Amber and Dave


Brooklyn (a.k.a. BooBooDog) picked me. I had provided transport to the shelter for the surrender of an abandoned cat. While my friend was filling out the paperwork, I wandered the halls looking at dogs. I had adopted my first dog less than a year prior and wasn’t planning on another but this sweet girl was determined I was taking her home. She was about six months old and based on her paperwork it looked like she had a rough start in life. After returning to the shelter a couple of times and taking my dog to meet her it was clearly a great match and I brought her home. She was the perfect dog. She loved all people and animals. Kids were extra special to BooBoo. In her later years she started to have back end problems and limited mobility. After trying acupuncture, chiropractic care and laser therapy, I purchased the Best Friends Mobility Cart. She loved her walks and it had gotten to the point that she could only go to the end of the block and back. Her cart blessed her with longer walks. We only used it for a few months as we had to say goodbye to her almost two weeks after her 15th birthday on August 1st. It brought an old dog some happiness and I’m so glad I found it.

- Danielle


I just want to express my gratitude for Best Friend Mobility. I have a 9-year-old German shepherd who has signs and symptoms of Degenerative Myelopathy. She has rapidly declined over the last year and we felt she would benefit from a wheelchair. We searched the web for hours and days. After a long research, we finally ordered from you! It was a holiday weekend and I asked fir the wheelchair to be sent ASAP for quality of life for our pup. Someone called me shortly after placing the order saying because it was a holiday, it would be sent the following day. I received the wheelchair a few days later and cannot express the difference it made for Anibel. At first, she was hesitant but now she looks forward to going in her wheelchair. We can walk again, hike again, have freedom. It was truly one of the best purchases we have ever made for her. Thank you for all your help and support. I recommend you to everyone!

- Vanessa


Zeus is our 7-year-old Welsh corgi. He has always had a zest for life up until Sunday, March 19th of 2017. He woke not being able to walk. He would take a few steps and fall on his left side. My husband and I diligently watched him throughout the day and became concerned when he showed signs of pain. I spent hours researching and calling the vets to find that he ruptured a disk. We watched videos on YouTube on how to make a wheelchair and we successfully made one but it turned out too small for him. I spent more time looking for one to purchase and came across Best Friend Mobility. They have the most reasonable prices. We were so happy once the wheelchair arrived and he could again keep up with our other dogs and play. Thank you.

- The Yaklin Family Sean, Gina, Sarah, Zeus, Rose, R


Bananas came into the family as a Christmas gift for our son when he was four years old. She’s now 12 years old and hip problems have limited her mobility and caused her hind legs to get weaker in the last year or so. It got so bad that we had to get a harness to hold her up when walking her. The vet encouraged us to walk her more but it was tough to hold her up for very long, so Bananas couldn’t get much exercise and her legs got weaker. We ordered the Best Friend Mobility wheelchair and as soon as we buckled her into it, she headed off across the yard with no trouble. She was able to take longer walks and spend time outside which she loves. After a couple of months of walking with the help of the wheelchair she has built her strength back up and now she’s able to take short walks without it. Thank you for providing a product that has given our best friend a new lease on life.

- The Hawkins Family


Diablo was a rescue puppy. He was found in a harness tied to a chewed-through rope. He also had a torn ear at the time. He got his name because we had a family car trip planned from Los Angeles down the length of Baja, Mexico, and so a Spanish name seemed fitting. He had been o Alaska twice, as well as many other long car trips. On one of the trips, we would try to find a swimming hole for the dogs every day. We have another lab mix as well that travels with us. Diablo first hurt his knee running through snow. Age and arthritis took their toll. He finally got to the point where we couldn’t be sure he could get all the way around the block anymore when on a walk. He always wanted to go though, so we got him a SitGo. We used it on “bad” days that he had a harder time getting around. The SitGo made his last few months happier than they would have been otherwise. He made it to 13 years old. We are keeping the SitGo for our other Labrador, Dozer, who is about nine months older than Diablo was. Dozer, too, is getting weak in the hips. Thank you for helping keep Diablo happy and active longer than would have otherwise been possible.

- Greg, Anne, and Chico