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Dogs on Wheels Best Friend Mobility

Dogs on Wheels

There is a deficit of information about dogs on wheels, and alot of misunderstanding around the idea of living with, raising, or adopting a disabled pet. Many people are worried whether or not they can shoulder the responsibility of giving handicapped pets a happy life. Many disabled dogs, with the right wheelchair, can live a full, rich, and healthy life with play and exercise.

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Disabled dogs on wheels are in many ways just the same as dogs that are fully capable. With the following, living and caring for a disabled pet can be a very rewarding experience.

Regular exercise
Yes, your disabled dog still needs its exercise. A disabled dog on wheels can do the same exercises as a healthy dog does – only with the help of a dog wheelchair. Best Friend Mobility is a dog mobility solutions provider that can offer pet owners customized wheelchairs for their pets. To help your dog overcome mobility problems, and make him or her one of those dogs on wheels, get him/her a Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchair.

With Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchair, dogs on wheels can do the following exercises:

Walking. Our dog wheelchair provides adequate leg support to keep your dog on wheels comfortable during his/her walks.

Running. Playing fetch with you is again possible since our wheelchairs’ aluminum frames are lightweight with all terrain pnuematic tires and swiss bearings.

Dogs on wheels Swimming. Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs are made of high quality rust proof and water proof materials that can withstand exposure to water. A hose down and a wipe are all that’s needed for cleanup.

In order to keep your dogs on wheels healthy and happy please be sure to provide them with the following:

Healthy wholesome food
Provide your dog with a healthy and nutritious diet. Most veterinarians recommend a canine diet composed of 40% meat, 50% vegetables, and 10% carbohydrates. Protein can be lamb, venison, or chicken. Carbohydrates should be whole grain.

Dogs on wheels rest more compared to pets without disabilities so excessive calorie intake is not recommended. If your dog eats a lot, encourage it to exercise and play using its Best Friends Mobility dog wheelchair.

Owner care and companionship
Just as you need companionship, dogs on wheels also need to know that you are there for them, remember they love you very much and shine in your praise and attention. Show you care by getting your dog a Best Friend Mobility wheelchair. Train your dog to use the wheelchair by providing encouragement and praise. Take your dog to meet other dogs on wheels and pets around the neighborhood for playtime. Watch our video showing dogs on wheels and particularly the one where a dog takes his first steps in a dog wheelchair.

With Best Friend Mobility, taking care of disabled pets just got easier.

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For dog wheelchairs user manuals, click here.